Connect Safely – Creating Strong Passwords

The school’s Digital Citizens Group have been looking at creating safe passwords.


The Connect Safely site has suggested some top tips for creating strong passwords for devices and online use.

CLICK HERE – Connect Safely Password Information

If you’d like to check the strength of your password, use the Open University’s Password Checker.

Some of the password strategies that the Digital Citizens Group shared:

Strategy 1:
1. Think of a sentence that you can easily remember (e.g. Monday is my favourite day of the week) and take the first letter of each word: mimfdotw

2. Change each vowel to a corresponding number, a=1, e=2, i=3, o=4 and u=5:

3. Put a capital letter at the first and last letter: M3mfd4tW

4. Add a symbol to the beginning and the end of the word, e.g. !: !M3mfd4tW!

Your new password !M3mfd4tW! is now much stronger.

Strategy 2:
1. Think of a familiar word which you won’t forget: teachers

2. Change the first and last letters to capital letters: TeacherS

3. Add a two digit number, the first number at the start and the second at the end: 1TeacherS8

4. Add a symbol, e.g. !, after every third character: 1Te!ach!erS!8

Your new password 1Te!ach!erS!8 is now much stronger.

TOP TIP: When creating passwords for different devices and websites try one of the strategies above. Once you have your password add the first letter of the device/ website (e.g. Amazon = a) to the beginning and the last letter of the device/ website (e.g. Amazon = n) to the end of the password. When using the password for Amazon, 1Te!ach!erS!8 would become a1Te!ach!erS!8n – a very strong password using the password checker.