Meet the Staff

Our Leadership Team . . . 

Ms MacDonald- Head Teacher

Ms Rennie- (Acting Depute Head)

Miss Morton – Acting Principal Teacher

Miss McNee- Acting Principal Teacher

(Mr Cook and Miss Dunbar are on secondments this session)

Meet the Staff . . .

Mrs McCormick- Primary 1

Miss MacBeath- Primary 1

Miss Rae – Primary 2

Ms Haines and Mrs Fowler – Primary 2

Miss Carnegie – Primary 3

Mrs Cameron – Primary 3

Miss Gray – Primary 4

Ms Ferguson – Primary 4/5

Mrs Mutch- Primary 5

Miss Earnshaw- Primary 5/6

Miss Morton- Primary 6

Miss McNee- Primary 7

Mrs Shields- Primary 7

Miss Shaw- Additional Support Needs Teacher (full-time)

Mrs McPhee-Additional Support Needs Teacher (part-time)

Mr Fenton – English as an Additional Language Teacher

Ms Haines and Mrs McArdle- Management Cover/CCR

Meet the Nursery Team…

Early Years Practitioners

Morning Nursery -Mrs Newell, Mrs Bowie, Ms Edwards

Afternoon Nursery – Ms Munro, Mrs Devlin, Mrs Agolini

Meet the Pupil Support Assistants…

Mrs Campbell

Mrs Jackson

Ms MacIntosh

Mrs Dickson

Mrs Nisbet

Mrs Forbes

Mrs Megson

Mrs Scobbie

Mrs Sinclair

Meet the Clerical Staff

Mrs Munro

Ms Wainwright

Meet Our Visiting Teachers..

Mr Struan Scott-Woodhouse, Mr Gordy McNab, Mr Ross Wilson, Ms Marissa Mustard- PE

Miss Cameron- STRINGS

Mr Farmer- BRASS

Mr Barclay- CHANTER


17 thoughts on “Meet the Staff

  1. I think all the teachers at Crown are great and very kind.I think Mr Cook is very nice and he will really enjoy working at Crown.

  2. I attended this school roundabout 1946 for a short time before we left Inverness to live in Fife, my teacher was called Miss Mcillock, I wonder If anybody remembers her?

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