Occupational Therapy – Support Materials

color painted child handIn Highland, schools work in partnership with the Allied Health Professionals to ensure that staff and families have the knowledge and skills to support the needs of all children. The Occupational Therapy (OT) Service have created some universal information for staff and families which can be used to support children as the grow. These materials are particularly useful for pre-Nursery to Primary 1; however, some of the leaflets may also be useful for older children. At Crown we strive to ensure that children are supported developmentally. The materials below can be used both within the Nursery/School environment as well as at home to support your child’s physical development.

CLICK HERE – Ball Skills
CLICK HERE – Bottom Wiping
CLICK HERE – Dressing Skills
CLICK HERE – Learning Cutlery Skills
CLICK HERE – Shoelaces

CLICK HERE to download the above resources in a zip folder