Miss Gray

Miss Gray is teaching Primary 4 this year and she’s amazing at what she does! ย She taught P4 a few years ago and is very excited to be returning to this stage. Every year the children in her class LOVE having her as their teacher as they work hard, do their best and are happy in her care. You’re going to have a great year P4!

41 thoughts on “Miss Gray

  1. Miss Gray is a briliant class teacher and is also really good maths teacher. I am looking forward to doing more fun things with her.

  2. miss gray is amazing teacher she always helps you out and if your stuck on work .i wouldnt want a better teacher than miss gray because she is amazing lovely teacher . best teacher ever in p7g

  3. miss gray is the best teacher ever im so excited for her to come back in january cant wait to see you miss gray . merry christmas and a happy new year miss garay and see you in january .you the best teacher ever .im so lucky to have a teacher like you . im going to work so much more harder once we come back .

  4. I feel really happy everyday in P7. Miss Gray always does her best for us so I try to return the favour by trying my best for her. Even though I only have about three and a half months left at Crown I feel like my journey of education has only become. Miss Gray was my P1 teacher and she gave me a great warm welcome to Crown. She was my P4 teacher and I was going through quite a hard time in P4 but she made feel happy for going into P5 as she helped me through the hard times. Now that she is teaching me for my final year at Crown she is helping me a lot for Millburn. I never really said thank you very much to Miss Gray and i have no idea why. Because Miss Gray is a great teacher and i will miss her when i go into Millburn. THANK YOU MISS GRAY!

    1. What a wonderful thing to say to Miss Gray (you’ll make her cry when she reads this!)and although you might not have said THANK YOU out loud she’ll know how you feel by the way you are in her class. When you care it shines through in everything you say and do ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments; they make me feel really appreciated! I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such thoughtful and enthusiastic pupils. I’m really going to miss you all too Megan, so let’s make the most of our last term together!

  5. Miss Gray was a really fun teacher and she is great at art which has encouraged me to take art in S3!

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