Miss MacBeath

Miss MacBeath will be teaching Primary 1 this year and she’s very excited about the places her class will go… She is one of our Principal Teachers and will be working alongside the Nursery Team to develop the curriculum and learning experiences offered in the Early Level. Miss MacBeath is also taking on the Acting Depute role this session while Mr Cook is away.  She’s done this before and is keen to see what she can do to help move the school forward. Miss MacBeath loves literature, making maths practical, making learning fun and doing a bit of Zumba!

14 thoughts on “Miss MacBeath

  1. I really REALLY think Miss MacBeath is fun but her name is weird because it’s spelt MacBeath but it’s said MacBeth but again it’s quite cool that she likes Harry Potter 😀

    1. Spelling is a funny old thing isn’t it?! Miss MacBeath is a bit obsessed with Harry Potter – you should get her to do a topic based on JK Rowling’s stories!

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