PE Teachers

Our school works with the PE teachers from Millburn Academy which is great! This means we get the expertise of the secondary PE teachers who will be working with our P4-7 children three days a week.  On a Monday with have Mr Gordy McNab, on a Thursday we have Mr Ross Wilson and on a Friday we have Ms Marissa Mustard in the morning and Mr Struan Scott-Woodhouse in the afternoon.

20 thoughts on “PE Teachers

  1. Her personality , kindness and LOTS MORE!!!!!!! ( my hand will start to hurt if I start typing what makes mrs kellacher the best teacher because there are tons of things why mrs kellacher is the best teacher! She is a PERFECT teacher!!!!!

    All the teachers in our school are AMAZING!!!!!!
    ( and the headteacher is AMAZING too!!!!!!!)

    I’m so glad I am in this school!!!!!!!!!

    1. My cousin did all the comments about mrs kellacher here…she was pretending she was me….she said to me that she wanted to say something nice about mrs kellacher but she didnt want to right her own name

      Sorry about that

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