Baillie Cup Training

Thanks to Miss Rae for her dedication to our athletes.

Primary 1R

Baillie Cup Training will begin this Thursday at lunch time from 12:00 to 12:30 for children in P1-P4. All children who would like to come along must have running clothes to change into and trainers. The weather at the moment is good but please make sure there is a jumper and jacket available if the weather changes.

Everyone is invited who is interested to come along for the first 3 weeks and then the team will be selected after that. There is a mix of short middle and long distance running with a girl and boy from each stage for each race being selected. For exampe 1 boy from P1 will run 60m and 1 girl from P1 will run 60m etc.

If you would like to come along please bring a packed lunch and a water bottle on Thursday. 

Looking forward to seeing all you talented runners! 

The Baillie…

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It’s finally here!

P7 are off to Loch Eil on their residential trip tomorrow!

A reminder that pupils should bring their bags into the P7 classrooms in the morning , entering through the office.

Pupils should also bring a snack and packed lunch with them for tomorrow.

Any medication that is not kept in school should be passed on to Miss Morton in the morning, clearly labelled with your child’s name.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and a fun filled week ahead.

Miss Morton & Mr Stewart

Spring into Summer at Crown :)

S.O.C.S Summer Fayre appeal

As the Easter break has arrived and many of us will be having a ‘Spring clear out’ – please keep the School Summer Fayre in mind for any toys, books and dvds that are no longer wanted. We are also looking for jam jars for one of our stalls. Thank you.

Easter Service 9.30am Tomorrow

Related imageCollection in aid of Salvation Army and Alzheimer Scotland.Thank you.

In an effort to reduce paper, we have reduced the number of orders of service we have copied as the words are always on the big screen.

Pupils have been asked to offer one per family. If you do not need one, please just let the pupils on the door know. Many thanks.

As this is our first service without Dr Donald we will need all your voices to fill Crown Church! Perhaps he will hear us from Airdrie?!

Suggested seating Arrangements

church layout

A new regime is in town!

Change for Good at Crown.. P3/4 lead the way!

Crown Primary 3/4

P3/4 have decided to try something different next term!  We have seen so much success with our sharing tree and focusing on the positive that we want to keep the momentum going.

We decided to give our ‘Good to be Green’ display and cards to Ms MacDonald as we won’t be using them next term.  Fergus and Keegan went to deliver them to her and helped her dispose of them.

Today we have discussed the new positive relationships for better learning protocol that we are going to use.  This has been shared with the teachers that will be working in/with our class and it has been displayed in the classroom too.  This is a reminder to pupils and staff of the process.  I even stuck one on my desk to remind me!  This approach has been taken from research and has proved successful in schools who have used a similar…

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A Visit from Kathleen Hagler

What an experience for P7 last week. A huge privilege to meet a holocaust survivor. I would like to echo their thanks.
Ms MacDonald

Primary 7 S

Today in P7 we were honoured to be visited by Kathleen Hagler, one of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust. She told us some heartbreaking tales of how her family made the decision to smuggle her out of the Jewish ghettos before she was even two years old and how her family who stayed behind were sent to Auschwitz.

Speaking about these kinds of issues must have been incredibly hard for Kathleen, therefore we are so grateful for her taking the time and courage to share with us today. A massive thank you from everyone in P7.


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