Open Afternoon and Parent Information Meeting

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What an energetic learning buzz around the whole school today. We had an amazing 80 parents come to our School Improvement Meeting. Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback too.

The feedback will be collated, discussed with staff and we will send out some advice about learning conversations, feedback and home learning activities. It is very positive to note that you welcome the opportunity to know more about your child’s personal targets so that you can support these at home. Hopefully seeing your child’s personal targets in their profile today helped with that.

There were lots of proud faces as pupils shared their new profiles and engaged their families in high quality learning conversations. Thank you to the staff who put so much time, effort, thought and care into the experience.


Open Afternoon

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Parent meeting in hall 140pm with Ms MacDonald.

Please come to visit your child’s class on Wednesday afternoon 2pm- 245pm, if you can. Your child will be your tour guide and will be able to discuss their learning with you.

There will be NO opportunity for the class teacher to engage in conversation about individual pupils on this occasion as their attention will be on the needs of the other pupils in the class.

I’m sure your child will find enough to talk about and show you to keep you busy! A bell will ring 3 times to indicate when you should leave the classroom so the teachers can get the children ready for home. Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Head Lice

Head Lice are a common problem in nursery and school aged children. They can’t be prevented, but regular checking ensures early detection and treatment if necessary. Parents and carers should check their children’s head once a week during hair washing. You need your usual shampoo, conditioner, and a detection comb – ask your local pharmacist to recommend a suitable one. Remember that you are looking for living moving lice, the only evidence that your child is infected.  If you find a living louse, ask your local pharmacist, school nurse, health visitor or GP for advice regarding treatment.

For further information see: – search on head lice

Thank You for Torrin! 

My thanks to Miss Earnshaw, Miss McNee and Mrs Sinclair for their time, energy and care while visiting Skye over the past 3 weeks.

The thinking time needed to plan the events so meticulously took great energy too. I had the pleasure of teaching one group this week and their passion for all things nature, conservation and preservation was fantastic.

Particular thanks go to Mr Earnshaw who supported the staff and helped make this trip a possibility for our pupils. 

A new Crown Hero!