Parent Feedback – September 2015

Thanks to the parents who managed to join Mr Cook and I at our Coffee and Chat session on Monday 14th September.  We had a cross-section of parents who attended covering most stages of the school. Please see the feedback shared below and if you were unable to attend, but would like to share your thoughts, then please email me directly.

How did the start of the year go for your child and your family?

  • Transition into P1 was really positive.  Lots of work done in Nursery to make sure this goes smoothly. Coming to lunch with the children was a real positive and allowed children to experience the busy lunch hall in a supported way.
  • Hopes and Dreams Meetings at the start of the year gave parents/carers an opportunity to meet the new teachers which was appreciated.
  • Children meeting their new teachers before the summer worked well and alleviated any nerves.
  • Cones in the main building for lining up on the first day made a real difference to children’s confidence.
  • New reception area is much more welcoming 🙂
  • Homework structure is great!  Good to know what the children should be doing and already the work seems more focused.
  • Safety in and around school has improved with gates being locked and more staff out and about.
  • Monitors and Buddies – the older children really enjoy this responsibility and it helps with the school’s ‘family’ feel.
  • Class blogs – these are a great way to see what the children are doing at school.

What makes Crown UNIQUE? The children are working on producing a film that shows how our school is different and unique so we gathered some information from parents to share with the film making team!

  • There’s a real sense of enthusiasm and positivity – this comes from the staff and the children feel it.
  • The children really know each other – the buddy system and the cross-class activities allow the children to work and play together.
  • There’s a real focus on building the children’s confidence through buddies, monitors and the various groups they can join and work on improvements in the school.
  • The children feel included – new children joining have felt part of the school from day one.
  • Parents/Carers have a voice and genuinely feel listened to and their concerns acted upon.
  • Teachers are great at sharing HOW to teach things and this allows parents to support at home if they wish.
  • Children are making progress especially notable in reading.
  • Blogs are great! In some classes children are rewarded for leaving comments on the blog and this is a super incentive for them to show their learning.
  • Behaviour expectations are clear.  The Good to be Green system works well and children understand it.
  • Support for all children is good.  For any children needing a little extra, they are given the time and support needed.
  • Monitoring development – teachers share where the children are and how to move their learning forward.

Burning Questions… how could we improve?

  • The move from P3 to P4 can be challenging for some children, can the school look into this transition point? Certainly!  It’s actually an area that across many schools children find tricky and we can look into developing a support programme for our P3 pupils this year and see what difference we can make for them.
  • There are lots of activities going on, some at school and some after the school day. Is there any way parents can get an overview of what’s on offer so they can encourage their children to attend? We try to update the main school blog as often as possible with any new opportunities/clubs that are happening at Crown.  We will look at how we can share this and perhaps include a ‘feature’ on class blogs and/or homework to alert parents/carers to any new activities the children may wish to take part in.
  • Is there any way Home Learning can encompass a weekend?  Perhaps coming home Monday to Monday to allow families choice in completing it during the week or at the weekend? YES! Class teachers have already talked about this and will be seeing what parents/carers want and then changing the routine to suit the needs of their class.
  • Can there be a balance of worksheets and interactive activities sent home?  Another YES! With the new home learning routine, teachers have the time to find the ‘right’ activity to send home and can make sure there is a balance.
  • How do we make maths FUN? A great question and one our Numeracy Working Group is already thinking about… this group will be working to develop numeracy throughout the school and ensuring there is enjoyment will be key!
  • Is there any way the children can have a complete sports kit when representing the school at events?  Sometimes having randomly coloured shorts and socks doesn’t look great! That’s certainly something we can look into and perhaps the proceeds of a fundraising event could go towards this…
  • Can parents have an overview of the learning to be completed in a year for example Science? This is another good idea and something we can look into.  The challenge is always that planning topics is often done alongside the children to take into account their interests and also any gaps in their learning.  The Curriculum for Excellence does highlight the experiences and outcomes each child will be working on and there is lots of great information on the Parentzone website that you may wish to look at.

Thanks again to the parents who joined us and provided their insights into how things are going so far.  Your feedback throughout the year is used to help us monitor our progress and also get us thinking about how we can continue to make the experience your children get, the best it can be.