Parents should always contact the school by telephone at the beginning of a period of absence and inform staff if:

  • there are unusual circumstances
  • the illness is likely to be prolonged
  • the absence commences on an afternoon and the child has been at school that morning.

When pupils require to be absent from school during school hours, eg medical or dental appointments, parents are required to inform the school in writing beforehand and must collect the children from the school.
While the vast majority of parents plan family holidays outwith term time, there has been an increasing trend for some parents to exercise their right to remove pupils from schools for up to three weeks. When considering whether or not to exercise your right to remove your children from school for a family holiday, please be aware that such a decision

  • will result in a significant loss in classroom experience
  • will result in a pressure to “catch up” on missed work by pupils
  • could result in pupils missing assessments with consequential impact on pupils and teachers
  • could result in the loss of extra curricular activities
  • will affect school attendance records and efforts to raise standards of attendance

If you do decide to make holiday arrangements during term, you should confirm this in writing to the Headteacher. It is school policy not to set homework for pupils who are absent through short term illness.

A note of explanation is required on return to school after any absence including holidays.

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