A member of staff is always available in the medical room in the annexe to administer first-aid etc. over the morning interval and lunch break.
As the school does not have a first-aid auxiliary there are no facilities for the care of children who become ill in school. Parents are asked to co-operate by not sending to school children who are feeling unwell or who have not fully recovered from an illness.

Children should not take any medication to school. In cases of chronic or recurring illness parents should contact the Headteacher in the first instance.
If a child becomes ill or has an accident in school, our normal procedure is to inform the parents and judge what action is to be taken after consultation with them. If we find we cannot easily contact either parent and judge that urgent medical attention is necessary, we will normally take the child to the Casualty Department at Raigmore Hospital, contact the Schools Medical Service or phone 999. Thereafter we will try again to contact the parents.

Parents are requested to ensure that the school is kept informed of any change as to arrangements for making emergency contact, or of any medical condition which could affect their child’s education.

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