Aims and Ethos

The aims of the school are:

  • create a happy, secure and safe environment where each child is treated fairly and everyone listens to and respects the views of others;
  • deliver a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum through which each child should achieve his or her full potential, in line with local and national guidelines;
  • deploy a variety of learning and teaching experiences. including fun tasks, aimed at meeting each pupil’s needs, raising each pupil’s achievement and celebrating each pupil’s success in a stimulating learning environment which motivates all learners;
  • encourage in each pupil life styles, attitudes and beliefs which promote health, self-awareness and esteem, creativity and ambition;
  • make a contribution to the life of the community through active encouragement of meaningful relationships with parents, partners and the wider community including a global dimension;
  • support our staff to access appropriate continuing professional development to improve their professional knowledge and skills.

The school operates a “House” system, P4 to P7, and as a positive approach emphasis is on the awarding of points for effort, integrity, good manners etc.

In Nursery to P3 helping, caring, sharing and kindness are encouraged and rewarded within each class.

To encourage service and responsibility throughout the school, pupils are allocated tasks such as tidying and organising class libraries, organising resources to carry out tasks and assignments. In addition P6&7 pupils participate in a monitor system.

Pupils are made aware of the high expectations of home and school and accept that they should strive to give of their best in all things.

The school policy is one of zero tolerance on bullying or any form of discrimination. The school endorses the authority’s Multi-cultural and Anti-racist Guidelines. Any concerns about incidents of this nature should be communicated to the Headteacher immediately.

Each class annually elects two representatives to meet regularly with the Headteacher to discuss and decide school issues and ways of improving the school

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