Curriculum for Excellence

The aim of Curriculum for Excellence is to improve learning, attainment and achievement for all children. It is also about ensuring pupils have a greater range of learning experiences.

In our area school group we believe it is important that children acquire a wide range of skills for personal growth and life within our community. This will help them enjoy greater choice and gives them the opportunity to discover their own talents

Curriculum for Excellence aims to build on the many strengths of the existing system and develop these further to provide a coherent, flexible, enriched curriculum for all learners from the ages of 3 to 18. The new curriculum will be challenging and enjoyable. It will help all learners to develop skills for learning, work and life and demand appropriate standards of attainment and achievement to match these skills.

Curriculum for Excellence is organised into eight parts called Key Areas.
Literacy and Language, Numeracy and Maths, Social Studies, Expressive Arts
Health and Well Being, Science, Technological Studies, Religious and Moral education
Each key area is delivered within a broad framework of experiences and outcomes.

Curriculum for Excellence focuses on children learning actively. Active learning is learning which engages and challenges children’s thinking using real life and imaginary situations. All areas of the curriculum can be enriched and developed through collaborative and co-operative working.

Central to this is the idea that the curriculum should develop what are known as ‘the four capacities’ in young people. These are :
· Successful learners
· Responsible citizens
· Confident individuals and
· Effective contributors

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