At present we have a crossing patrol officer stationed at the Kingsmills/Southside Road pedestrian/traffic lights at the front of the school.  Pupils must follow the patrollers’ instructions at all times. Older pupils are, with parental permission, encouraged to cross with the “green man”  at this point.

Pupils must use the pedestrian entrances to the school avoiding the car park/service area via the vehicular entrance nor should pupils stray outwith the safety railings. 

Pupils are not permitted to climb on walls or the guard rails at the school gates or play on the rockery garden at the front of the school nor climb the trees.  In the interests of safety parents should  discourage school and pre-school children from doing so.

To reduce risk and ease congestion on the pavement, parents collecting pupils at the end of the school day are most welcome to wait within the school grounds .

All children who cycle to school should be appropriately equipped and it is a parental responsibility to ensure their child is competent to cycle to school safely.

To ensure everyone in the playground is safe, all children MUST dismount their bicycles/scooters at the school gates and on leaving school should push their bikes/scooters off school grounds.

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