School Uniform

The school encourages all pupils to take pride in their school and one way of doing this is by wearing their school uniform.

The school uniform consists of a blue sweatshirt worn over a red polo shirt, dark trousers/shorts/skirt/summer dress (in school colours-red or blue).  Children are discouraged to wear denim to school.  Also available is a fleece for outdoor wear and a P.E. bag.  Pupils are encouraged to wear dark shoes to school that are practical for running around outdoors.

The school keeps a small stock of school uniform, fitting/ordering facilities for polo and sweatshirts embroidered with the school logo are available from the school office. 


Each child should be provided with a pair of gym shoes that will not mark the gymnasium floor. Younger pupils should have clearly labelled “slip on” gym shoes.

Pupils should have shorts and a suitable vest, T-shirt or top.  These should be kept in a clearly labelled bag.  P.E. bags can be purchased from the school office.  Football strips are discouraged.

In the interests of safety, watches and earrings should not be worn and long hair should be tied back.  Pupils should change back into their normal school wear after PE/games.

Pupils who require to be excused from PE should bring a note of explanation and give it to their class or PE teacher.

* Marking of all pupil’s property is encouraged – but for their child’s personal security parents are asked to ensure that names are not visible to strangers.

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