The Curriculum


The development of literacy skills is central to all learning. Through Literacy and English pupils develop and extend their skills of communicating, collaborating and building relationships. In P6 & P7 pupils also learn French and we hope to introduce this to our younger pupils through games and songs over the coming years.


Through Mathematics pupils develop their understanding of and ability to apply mathematical concepts, principles and processes in different contexts.  Some year groups are put into ability sets.  Details of  the teacher taking your child for maths and how you can contact them is shared with you at the beginning of each session.


Through Health and Well Being pupils develop the knowledge, skills and understanding which they  need for mental, emotional social and physical well-being.


Through Sciences pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of science language, enquiry, investigation and the impact of science on our world.


Through social Studies pupils develop their understanding of our country and other countries both in the past and present day.  They also develop their understanding of democracy, citizenship and enterprise.


Through Technologies pupils develop their understanding of how to use technologies and how these technologies affect our lives.


Religious and moral education provides pupils with information about Christianity and other world religions.  It supports the development of beliefs and values.

Religious Observance

Non denominational assemblies that celebrate children’s achievements and highlight world events are held weekly and are conducted by the Headteacher and/or promoted staff.  The School Chaplain, Rev Dr P Donald, also conducts assemblies throughout the year with a focus on Christianity, friendship and kindness.  He also conducts our end of term closing services in Crown Church.

Religious Education is required by statute to be included in the curriculum.  Parents have the right to have their children excused from RE on written notification to the Headteacher


The Expressive Arts involve creating and presenting and are practical and experiential.  Evaluating and appreciating are used to enhance enjoyment and develop knowledge and understanding.


Art and design provides pupils with a wide range of rich, practical activities to explore two and three dimensional media and technologies.  In addition they deepen  heir knowledge and understanding of art and design by studying the work of artists and designers.


Music provides pupils with activities to develop their vocal and instrumental skills, explore sounds and musical concepts and use their imagination and skills to create pieces. In addition they deepen their understanding and capacity to enjoy music by listening to and talking about different genres of music.


Through dance pupils develop their skills of creating and performing different types of dance to convey mood, feelings and ideas.


Through drama pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of different drama forms and participate in presenting them.


Instruction in brass, chanter and strings is available to senior pupils on a weekly basis. A charge is made by the council for this service. Places are limited and interested pupils are given an aptitude test by instructors. Further information is available from the school office.


Relationships is part of our Health Education programme in P6 & 7.  Parent/carers are notified in advance of this being taught, invited to view the resources and given the opportunity to discuss any queries or concerns with teaching staff and the school nurse.

Drugs awareness is another component of Health Education.  Officers from Northern Constabulary deliver this in partnership with class teachers.  Parents are informed in advance and given the opportunity to discuss the programme with those delivering the information.

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