Final Mile Count

jimmyHopefully by now Lee and Rickie have made it across the finish in good health(although not on poor Jimmy!).

Our final Crown mile count is 2912!!! What a fantastic effort by everyone.

We are determined to keep the Wheels of Wellbeing going at Crown next session and to get our non-cyclists confident on a bike. If you would like to support the delivery of Bikeability Training in school, we would love to hear from you.

There is some of P4s artwork on display in Velocity Cafe to celebrate our combined success.

Happy holidays- over and out!



If your child has any medication kept in the school medical room can you please come to the office on Friday morning to collect it. Please make sure everything is up to date before returning it to school on Tuesday August 15th.

Cycling Miles…

Last day for these…it is neck and neck! If you have cycled this week, get an adult to put your miles on a piece of paper with your name and bring it in. I’m certain Lee and Rickie will be aiming for the finish line this weekend, let’s cross it with them! 

Shinty Success

We are very proud of our shinty teams who entered a competition yesterday. 44 teams in total and Crown players came home with Silver medals!!

Thanks to Mrs Mutch for her dedicated support and a special thank you to Amy and Harsh who, in the spirit of Inverkindness, played for Cradlehall Primary  to make up their team. 

Please apply ….

The more pupils who are eligible for school meals, the more Pupil Equity Fund budget we are given as a school by the Government. Please apply if you think you may have an entitlement. We can help you complete the forms in total confidence if you would prefer.  

Please email miriam.macdonald@ if you would like help in this way.

Please consider applying, we will get funding even if your child doesn’t want to take up their entitlement of a school meal!

Thank you ☺