What Makes Crown Unique?

This year a group of pupils from P4 – P7 have been working with children in Nursery – P7, their families and staff to answer the question ‘What Makes Crown Unique?’.

The ‘What Makes Crown Unique?’ group have worked together to create a video to capture Crown Primary School. They’ve done this through writing a clever narrative, creating some super animations and demonstrating some skillful camera techniques.

The video will sit as part of the school’s rationale for children, their families, staff and any visitors we have along the way.

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Fayre Fun

What a fantastic crowd came to support SOCS Christmas Fayre today.

Lots of smiling faces, happy children and empty wallets!!! The biggest thank you of all to our volunteers. A rip-roaring, bell-jingling, face-painting, cake-selling, soup-serving success! 

Our Advent Angels!

Thank you to our Advent Angels for today. There were lots of happy teachers reporting that their classrooms were mysteriously tidied at every opportunity! Today’s message was “Will you tidy something in your classroom without your teacher noticing?”


Our P1 angels today completed day 1 of our advent activity calendar. What a lovely job they made🙂


Tomorrow…it could be you!



Kingsmills Toddlers

We meet on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30-11:30. Crown Church hass (Midmills Road entrance).

There’s a warm welcome, toys and activities for children from tiny babies all the way up to nursery age, snack time with fruit, refreshments for adults including tea and REAL coffee – often cake too! There’s plenty of room for more people on both mornings and everyone is welcome. It’s a great place to meet others looking after small children, share the load and for the children to make new friends and playmates too. Cost is £1.50 per session which includes all drinks, refreshments and snacks.

Facebook page click…… – here

email address for info – kingsmillstoddlers@gmail.com

Or just turn up for a session!