Crown Receives Royal Approval

After the success of last year’s trip to Loch Eil, I have the privilege of representing our school at Buckingham Palace today. 

The real credit goes to Miss McNee, Mrs Sheilds and our pupils who spoke so engagingly at a recent Head Teacher conference and who impressed the Loch Eil staff so much with their grit, endeavour and positive attitudes. 

No cameras inside so no chance of a selfie with a tiara, but I’ll keep you posted! 

Crown Christmas Fayre 2017


A quick heads up about the date for the school Christmas Fayre.  Please note in your diaries that it is on Saturday 2nd December 12pm – 2pm.  During the October holidays, if you are having a clear out or if you see any items that would be suitable for the tombola, raffle, toy stall etc, please can you put aside.  We can start taking donations in as soon as school opens again at the end of October, so they are not cluttering up your home.  If you would like to be involved, please come along to the next SOCS meeting on 2nd November, 6.30pm.  Happy holidays!

Cross Country Challenge

A huge well done to all the pupils who came to training every week. They got a massive round of applause at assembly.

Congratulations to the competitors at recent event- Crown Girls’ Team got bronze medals- well done!

Thanks to our parent helpers for their time and this photograph 🙂

girls team

SOCS/School Fundraising Target 2017/18


Over the school year we hold a number of events at the school to raise money.  We are sure that everyone is interested as to what the money is spent on.  There are always funds needed for school buses, extra craft materials etc, but this year we have a large goal to achieve, which will benefit all the school pupils.  The All Weather Pitch is in dire need of re-surfacing, as you can see in the photo, this is only part of it.  If we can raise a substantial amount of money we are more likely to have a strong case to match fund it.


Please support the school as much as you can, be it giving a little of your time to help at an event or putting aside items that can be donated to the Christmas or Summer Fayre.  If you have any fundraising ideas or would like to come along to the SOCS fundraising meetings, just look out on the blog for the date.


Two very happy hockey coaches after the amazing performance by the Crown Hockey team last Saturday!  All of the children were impeccably behaved – great positivity was shown especially by Erin, the goalkeeper who took on the usually unwanted role with a smile! Matthew also showed great sportsmanship as he immediately went to check if a boy from the opposite team  was alright after a sore fall! Grace also demonstrated great team skills, involving everyone in the fun on the sidelines and boosting confidence of others on the pitch.

It’s a pleasure to coach them and Cameron and I will be able to continue the club, starting back the first Friday after the October holidays.




Caring Crown

Evie and Izzy were packed into Ms Macdonald’s car along with a mountain of kind donations. 

The Highland Homeless Trust were delighted to receive so many bags of generosity. 

Thanks to P5 and P5/6 for their uplifting Harvest Assembly. Thanks to Woodlands Centre who also collected on our behalf.

A reading challenge


We all know what it is like to pick up a book and throw ourselves into it, turning the pages with excitement and intrigue to see what the next page offers us.  Parental involvement in children’s reading has a considerable impact on enthusiasm and confidence and as a school we want to continue to promote a love of reading.

At Crown, we want to encourage a reading culture where we celebrate reading, where adults act as good role models in reading, where books are available and used across the curriculum and where an opportunity to read for pleasure is integrated into school and home life.

The First Minister of Scotland launched the First Minister’s Reading Challenge in September 2016 for pupils in P4-7.  This has now been extended to include P1-3 as well.  The purpose of the challenge is to embed a reading culture in every school in Scotland, work in partnership with local libraries and to celebrate an individual pupil’s reading journeys.

So, here comes YOUR challenge!

  1. Take a picture of you reading.  This can be your favourite place to read, the strangest place you can think of to read or, anywhere in between.  Bring your photo into school and we can add you to our display of readers.
  2. Can you read 100 books?  Every time you complete a book, colour in a square.   Individual 100 books  I wonder how long it will take you to read 100 books.  Why not get all of your family involved in the challenge too!  Once you have coloured in all 100 squares, bring it into school so we can celebrate your success.

P1/2, P2, P3 and P3/4 are also working on a class target to see which class can read 100 books.  This will be starting on our return to school after the October holidays.