Christmas Fayre, 2nd December 12-2pm. Secret Santa gift and bottle stall donations please!


It’s all getting very exciting! Hope you have saved the date. SOCS are looking for anybody willing to donate an hour of their time to help make this year a huge success. Also the following donations….

We are really pleased with the donations we have received so far, thank you so much for those who have already donated.

If you are able, we are looking for donations of items that would be suitable for the older members of the family, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, carers such as toiletries, boxes of chocolates etc.  Our Secret Santa gives the children an opportunity to buy gifts for their family members and friends and have them wrapped ‘in secret’.  We also need  bottles for the bottle stall (any bottles, they don’t have to be alcohol).

We have many stalls to make the Christmas Fayre as exciting and varied as possible, to do this we rely on volunteers.  If you can spare an hour on the day or the afternoon before to help set up, please contact us via Jackie on  Many thanks!

Sharing Languages

At Crown we want to celebrate all of the different languages that make us who we are.  Today, I was very lucky and worked with a couple of children in different stages in the school and they taught me some words in their home or second language.  Have a look below!

If you are interested in teaching us some words or phrases in your home language or are interested in reading in your home language, please get in touch.

Parents Appointments and Book Fair

What a lovely atmosphere at parents’ evening. I really enjoy having it in the hall as I think I get to speak to just about everyone! 

Round 2 tonight! 

A fantastic selection of reasonably priced books for sale at the book fair. 

Teas/coffees and homebakes for sale in support of our shinty team. 

See you later.

Can you represent Crown in supporting the future of schools’ athletics?

If you would be happy to represent Crown please email me at

The next meeting of the NSSAA association is to be held :

DATE:  Thursday 30th November

TIME- 7.15pm

VENUE- Millburn Academy – room 146

For the future of North School Athletics events, it would be great to have a representative from as many schools as possible.

Thank you in advance


Secretary NSSAA

Mrs Kerry Russell

Acting PT Pupil Support Guidance

Millburn Academy

Diriebught Road



The Money Makers NEED YOU! – Jam Jars please…

Crown Primary 6

The Junior Apprentice team The Money Makers would greatly appreciate any donations of jam jars for their jam jar tombola.

Donations of jam jars can be any size but they need lids.

It would be great if you could donate a jam jar with stuff (e.g. sweets or lego) inside but empty jar would be appreciated too.

Please give any donations to Miss Earnshaw in the P6 classroom 🙂

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Treating Head Lice


Head Lice

Head lice are a common problem, which can affect the whole community, adults and

children alike. It is most common amongst children, and it is important to detect and treat as promptly as possible.

The only effective way to detect head lice is to carry out wet combing, and ideally this

should be done weekly – if you need a comb, please ask your local pharmacist for

advice on purchasing a suitable one.

How to wet comb:

1. Wash the hair and apply conditioner

2. Comb through with a wide toothed comb to remove tangles

3. Taking a section at a time, pull the detection comb through the hair. Make sure the teeth

of the comb slot into the hair at the roots and draw down to the ends of the hair with

every stroke

4. Check the comb for lice after each section. Do not confuse lice…

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