Happy Holidays

Crown Shinty Club

Last week was the last training of the year.  Well done to all of you.  You are all fully fledged shinty players now.  Unfortunately due to lots of different commitments we are unable to field any teams at this years World Cup.  Hopefully next year we will get more players to join our squad.  Very proud of how well you have all progressed and well done to James MacKenzie who is now playing for the Inverness U14 team and Amy Linn who has played for the Women’s Development Team.  Good luck to all the P7s who are moving to Millburn Academy and hopefully some of you will continue to play shinty.

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Moving Up

Our fabulous P7s head to Millburn for the next 3 days and we wish them every success- we are very proud of you!

There is a P7 parent meeting in Millburn at 7pm tonight.

There have been lots of together time/transition experiences for other year groups throughout the year. On Thursday the pupils will have a chance to get together with their new class for the first time between 145 and 245. This will be a chance for new friendships to be established with the confidence that current friendships will continue at every opportunity across the forthcoming year.

Please be assured that having a composite class presents no more challenges to a teacher or to the learning of pupils than a “straight” class, so we would appreciate it if you can reassure your child about that before Thursday.

Change can be difficult but is a constant throughout  life, and a positive transition experience is a great opportunity to have a conversation about building resilience with your child.

Many thanks for your support

Miriam MacDonald

Clean Air Day

P4-7 took part in an assembly this afternoon with John Bynorth from Environmental Protection Scotland. John came to tell us about Clean Air Day which is taking place on Thursday 21st June.

We learnt about the impact carbon dioxide emissions have on our health, our environment and our communities. The children had some great ideas to help reduce our impact,  such as walking to school more, turning off the car engine rather than idling and using public transport more.

Next week on Clean Air Day we want to encourage all of our families to walk, cycle or scoot to school and think about a pledge that they can make for the year ahead.

Diversity Week

P5/6, P6 and P7 had a visit from Yvonne Crook, chief executive at Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club this morning as part of our diversity week celebrations. Yvonne spoke to us about her role at the club and about women in sport. The children asked some insightful questions and shared their experiences too.