Show Time!

Approximate running time for The Lion King is 1hr 15 mins, finishing at around 8.15pm. Pupils will need to get changed in classrooms straight after the performance before they are collected tonight and tomorrow.



The Lion King Jr 🦁

Both performances of The Lion King are now sold out. P5-P7 are really excited to share all their hard work with you !

A reminder of the arrangements for Wednesday and Thursday:

Speaking parts and lionesses : 5:45pm
On stage ensemble, hyenas and band: 6:15pm
Singing ensemble : 6:40pm

Pupils are asked to report to the following classrooms…

P5 Classroom : P5 and P5/6 singing ensemble
P5/6 Classroom : P6, P6/7 and P7 singing ensemble
P6 Classroom : hyena group and on stage ensemble
P6/7 Classroom : Band
P7 Classroom : Speaking parts and lionesses

We will time our full dress rehearsal tomorrow to give you an approximate running time if pupils are being collected after the performances.